Mercury Momentum and All the Earth’s A Stage are pleased to announce auditions for:

Razia’s Shadow: A Musical

Sunday, April 9th from 11am-2pm (Dance Audition 11am-12pm)

Wednesday, April 12th from 6pm-9pm (Dance audition 6pm-7pm)

Reno Little Theater; 147 E Pueblo St, Reno, NV 89502.

You only need to attend one of the audition days.

Performances: Will be at McQueen Theater, 6055 Lancer St, Reno, NV 89523, on Friday, June 23rd at 7pm, Saturday, June 24th at 2pm and 7pm and Sunday, June 25th at 2pm for a total of 4 performances.

Casting: Male and Female singers, dancers and actors are needed for leading, supporting and featured characters. This musical does deal with some dark and mature themes, so we are looking ages 13 & up. If under 18, we need written consent from the parent/guardian. We are looking for 12 named cast as well as a small ensemble of 10.  The ensemble must be able to dance and sing, and will have speaking lines. Dancing is not required for the named characters. All who audition will be considered for all applicable roles unless they specifically do not wish to be considered for roles they do not read for. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION – untapped potential welcome!

Please Prepare: For singing auditions, one song of your choice with karaoke version for accompaniment. There will not be an accompanist at auditions, so please remember to bring a cd, mp3, iphone, ipod, etc. With a karaoke version of your song. Most auditions are expected to take 5-10 minutes each.

For dance auditions: There will be a group audition as well an individual. We want to see what you can bring to the production. Prepare a 90 second routine to show us your skill and personality.

Rehearsals: Will be held 4 days per week beginning Monday, May 1st at 6/7pm. Additional rehearsals may be scheduled as needed. A mandatory final dress rehearsal will take place on Wednesday, June 21st. Additional rehearsal information will be provided at auditions. You will be given a schedule at auditions.

Story: Razia’s Shadow (written by Thomas and Paul Dutton) tells the story of a world divided in two by the selfish actions of a powerful and egotistical, yet insecure angel. After generations of darkness, the world is eventually brought back together by the love and sacrifice of a couple brave enough to fulfill their destinies.

Cast List:

Ahrima/Adakais– these roles will be played by the same actor. Ahrima is an angel who’s ego and arrogance cause the downfall of the world he helped create. Adakais is his decedent, a prince of the Dark who wants to live in the Light. We are looking for a male, 16-30, to fill this role.

O the Scientist- The Creator of the angels and the world. This role has already been cast and will be played by Cheyenne Leigh.

Gargul the Oracle– the voice of the mountain. This role will be split between three people. Open to all.

Toba the Tura– the wise one who delivers Arhima’s sentence and banishes him from the Light. This role has already been cast and will be played by Casey Folda.

Sangara the Butcher– Adakais’s only friend. He joins Pallis on his journey to hunt him down. Open to all.

Barayas the Spider– a creepy spider who whispers in Ahrima’s ear to betray his other angels. Open to all.

Princess Anhura– the princess of the Light, reincarnation of Nidria. Female, 16-30.

Pallis– Adakais’s brother, ruler of the dark. Male, open to all ages.

King Malka– Ruler of the lights, Anhura’s father. Open to all.

Doctor Dumaya– creepy doctor, obsessed with the Princess. This role has already been cast and will be played by Lisa Ellison.

Nidria– an angel and Ahrima’s lover. On the concept album this role is played by a woman, but in the original concept of the story Nidria is male. We are playing true to the story, so this role will be filled by a Male, 16-30.

Bawaba Brothers– Manifestations of Holy the Sea. Open to all.