The first act tells the story of O the Scientist and his creation of the world. During this, he gives life to Ahrima and Nidria who will make you swoon with their love for one another and cry when the beautiful creation of this new world would be fated to be divided by selfish and egotistical decisions. The second act of the story is largely inspired by the power of true love and the ultimate quest to reunite the divided world after its separation by the darkness and hatred introduced into the land.

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We are a volunteer run 501(c)3 organization in Reno, NV that seeks to inspire personal action and positive change through educational activities and events that promote greater awareness of multicultural heritage and diversity, social and environmental responsibility, creativity, expression and community spirit.

2 MM-8-20-15

About All the Earth’s a Stage
Our All the Earth’s a Stage program focuses on bringing the arts to all groups in our community, building the area’s future artists and education for both the public and aspiring artists in music, theatrical, performing and all other types of art. One of the ways we do this by providing all inclusive events and productions for local artists to participate in such as Reno Earth Day.