E.J. Zuniga (Ahrima/Adakais) E.J. Zuniga is excited to be performing such a wonderful show with an amazing cast. He has been performing on the stage since high school and has appeared in local shows such as TMCC’s Heathers and American Idiot as well Laughing Owl’s Cabaret. This is his second production with Mercury Momentum and is thrilled to be a part of Razia’s Shadow. He would like thank his friends and family for all their constant love and support.

18518675_1466811566673858_1258451889_n (1)

Quinn Jamal Jackson (Nidria/Baba Bawaba) Quinn has been participating in theatre since he was 9 years old and enjoys every minute of being on stage. He has only recently begun doing shows in the Reno area, but has already been cast in three on-stage performances including Razia’s Shadow since moving from Las Vegas.

18676755_1352156608205946_774330105_o (1)Hannah Sage Sloan (Princess Anhura) Hannah has been performing since the age of three. She has performed in countless dance & vocal recitals, musicals, plays, & was in an opera at the age of 13. Hannah studied Opera at the University of Nevada Reno with Dr. Lee & Helen Lee, & is now studying Musical Theatre at TMCC. She is excited to step into the role of Princess Anhura, especially alongside her brilliant best friend, E.J. Zuniga, in the roles of Ahrima/Adakais. This is her second production with Mercury Momentum, as she played Alice in the preceding production, Dorothy in Wonderland. She’d like to thank her mother for being her rock.

Cheyenne Leigh (O the Scientist) Cheyenne is a naturally talented performer and has been involved in music her whole life from singing in local bands to musical theatre. She has taken her first foray back into the theatre world with Mercury Momentum after a long break. Outside of music and theatre she does a little bit of everything including costuming and cosplay, modeling and is currently a Math major at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Kay Caudell (Barayas the Spider) 

Casey Lee Folda (Toba the Tura)

Dani Squire (Gargul the Oracle)

Elizabeth Fisher (Gargul the Oracle)

Elizabeth Kirk (Gargul the Oracle) Elizabeth Kirk, who plays one of the three Oracles, is very thrilled to join the cast of Razia’s Shadow: A Musical with her family and friends. She is an avid fan of all performing arts and loves to sing and listen to a variety of music and styles. She recently performed in the Nevada State Fair and Reno Earth Day with Paradise Dance Company and Mercury Momentum’s “Dorothy in Wonderland, the Musical”.

Gracie Squier (Sangara the Butcher)     My name is Gracie Squier, and I am 14 years old- even though most people think I’m 18. In Razia’s Shadow, I play Sangara, who is an evil butcher and Adakias’ best and only friend. I’m very excited to play this role and show off my creepier side. I have been singing my whole life (I was a finalist in Sparks Got Talent when I was 3). I have only been doing theater for about a year, my first production being Dorothy in Wonderland as the Scarecrow. I am currently taking modeling and voice classes at Take 2 Performers Studio. A fun fact about me is that I have Wilson’s disease, which is a degenerative disease in which my liver cannot process copper.

Ethan Pendragon (Pallis) Ethan Pendragon was born in Pleasant Hill, CA. and has been a Northern Nevada resident since 1998. He is a fresh face on the theatre scene in Reno, NV as Razia’s Shadow is only his second production. After having a positive experience with his first production, Dorothy in Wonderland, he has decided to push himself with a larger role this time. He has extensive experience practicing and teaching a number of martial arts, and has choreographed fight scenes for several amateur films. He applies his martial arts knowledge to his performance on stage to enhance the production and bring a unique flavor to his roles. Behind the scenes, Ethan is also assisting with sets and props, and is choreographing a minor fight scene. He will take any opportunity to perform a super hero landing. Maximum effort.

Kevin M. Kirk (King Malka) Kevin Kirk was born and raised in San Diego and has been involved in Music since he was five years old. Since that time he has been involved in Choirs, Ensembles, and a Quartet. In addition he has been involved in Musicals, Cantatas, and various other musical programs, not only lettering in Choir in high school, but earning the Most Valued Tenor Award. As well as his musical talents he has been involved in vignettes and full stage productions from backstage crew, lighting, as well as acting. An avid MST3K fan and Lego enthusiast, he works as a Draftsman for a local Landscape Architect firm to help support his wife’s Zelda gaming habit.

Tabitha Trillo (Baruka Bawaba)

Lisa Ellison (Doctor Dumaya) Lisa Ellison grew up writing plays and songs for the younger children she babysat to perform for their parents. Although she still loves to write and direct her own children in various performances, Lisa has also rediscovered her love of being on the stage herself.  Dancing, singing, and acting in productions for local theatre and dance companies since middle school has been a joy for her, and most recently played the Queen of Hearts in Mercury Momentum’s Dorothy in Wonderland.  Currently channeling her inner crazy to play the Doctor in Razia’s Shadow has made being a homeschooling mother of 5 remarkably less mundane.  Lisa would like to thank everyone involved in giving her this amazing role and opportunity.

Robert Kirk (Narrator) Robert Kirk is excited for the opportunity to portray the Narrator in Razia’s Shadow. His family encouraged him to pursue his interest in acting and he was eager to try something new. He is currently a student and enjoys all things Pokémon.

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